Promises to myself on my 27th birthday

  • I promise never to forget where I have come from while not letting it dictate where I will go
  • I promise I will not to forget to laugh
  • I promise to remember to smile graciously while biting my tong
  • I promise to be better about listening to my gut instinct
  • I promise to apologize for what I say and do when I’m hungry
  • I promise to be a better person than I was yesterday
  • I promise to never become apathetic and not let those I love fall into the same trap
  • I promise to make changes not excuses
  • I promise if you kill them with grace, dignity and kindness… they’ll never know what hit ‘em
  • I promise to continue the habit of getting psyched for the day/night by cranking up the tunes and busting out the bad dance moves in my underwear
  • I promise to continue going after what I want with zest and vigor
  • I promise not to take others feelings for granted
  • When something scares me I promise to do it with a smile
  • I promise to make decisions based on my values not someone else’s
  • I promise to be better not bitter
  • I promise to try and only compare myself to the person I once was and not others
  • I promise to try and remember when times are rough that, “this too shall pass” and keep my head held high
  • I promise not to hold the opinions of others above my own
  • I promise to risk it all if it’s worth it
  • I promise to stay nice and keep partying
  • I promise to be the best possible role model for my niece and nephew and be honest about my pitfalls and mistakes so they may learn from it

Most importantly I promise I will never lose sight of my dreams and let the only person that stands in the way of achieving them be myself.


I promise you a life full of amazement if you stay true to yourself.


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