Breakfast of champions

There’s been this fried rectangular seemingly tasty rice based treat taunting Tom and I for a few days now. Without fail it seemed as though every time we’d run across this dish we had just eaten. Last night we thought we may have found this unnamed dish at the Thai restaurant we were at but alas the shrimp fried tofu was delicious but not it.

A specialty of street vendors this little ditty is transient, never staying in one place for any great length of time, for that it was like hitting a foodie lottery when we came across some this morning while we were both starving.

After paying a little less than $2 total we copped a squat next to a nice rice vendor and dug in. From what our taste buds could identify the dish consisted of fried rice, potatoes, and egg topped with a bit of soy sauce and garnished with sweet and spicy cucumbers. All in all a welcome change from the pho breakfasts we’ve been enjoying.




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