Cheap seafood, warmer weather and wifi. Goodbye Hanoi

Wasting no time at all we booked it to Hanoi less than a day after landing in the sweltering heat of Saigon. A bustling, tropical, romantic city with remnants of former French colonization seen in the remaining architecture and cuisine Hanoi is a city close to my heart and I was  excited to experience it once again with Tom. Knowing we were planning to stay a while we rented a cute little studio apartment right in the middle of the Old Quarter for the month.Our Studio Our StudioClean, small, simple and all ours, I loved it! Simply living in the same place as Tom and not having to fly across the county to enjoy each others company was enough to make me happy, this was just the cherry on top.

Other than the old stand by’s of Quan Bia Minh, Highlands Coffee (which has changed in it’s own right),  the temples and museums the city has completely changed and I feel like I’m experiencing it for the first time. It’s only been eleven days since we’ve arrived and they’ve been great. But they’ve also been cold, really really COLD! Not the hot tropical paradise we were planning on we’ve decided to continue chasing our dream trip and head south for warmer climates, cheaper seafood and wifi to sustain our adventure.

Proposed departure time is six hours from now so it’s probably time to call it an evening.


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