This weekend or why I’m going to have to tell you about it later

This weekend has been full of once in a lifetime experiences. I was in the beginning of a post full of pictures and descriptions last night when my computer pooped out for the second time this trip. For “digital nomads” as some have termed us this this is NO GOOD. Being without a working computer, essentially removing the digital aspect just makes me a wanderer. While I won’t deny I’m a wanderer at heart that just wasn’t the point of this trip, and part of me just feels like a bum not to mention ridiculously guilty when Tom is working at night and I’m reading a book. Ugh I feel guilty just writing it.

Luckily the problem this time should be a relatively easy fix. I think my magsafe charger is to blame and I have a reasonable amount of confidence I can find a replacement (although knock off) at one of the many electronic shops in Hue where we currently lay our heads.

I’d be lying if I didn’t admit to having a slight panic/pouty episode when I realized I had exhausted all my DIY fixes today. However after having “a moment” I took a step back and put everything into perspective…

First in the very broad scope I was born a white American female. That alone means my education, access to basic sanitation and overall quality of life is far better than more than half the women in the world. That one simple fact of which I had no control over whatsoever already has me “winning at life”. On a more personal note I’m seeing first hand what many only see or read about in National Geographic with someone more adventurous than I who pushes me in the best possible way to think and try things outside my conventional norm. Someone who keeps my fridged feet warm at night, a smile on my face in the day and lets me have my “moments” knowing (hopefully) that they’ll soon pass.

My reality is surpassing my former dreams by leaps and bounds and a minor bump in the road isn’t going to change that. However it does mean everyone is going to have to wait for a proper update that’s not via mobile post. 🙂


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