Does this count as being weekend warriors?

Having a motorcycle (yes mom Tom bought a motorcycle please don’t freak he’s the one driving not me so we’re all good :)) has afforded us the ability to see Vietnam like few others have, literally leading us off the beaten path more than a few times. Here are some highlights from the our first ride after renting an automatic to drive around/out of the city.

Tom then acquired a Suzuki GN125 we now affectionately call Jerry

Tom and Jerry

Tom and Jerry

Some highlights from my first ride with Tom and Jerry…

It took us 3 days, 3 minor breakdowns, 1 flat tire, 2 sore bums, 485ish miles and one very unforgettable experience to get us from Hanoi to Hue

Trip map

Tomorrow we’ll leave Hue to head into the mountains and drop onto the beaches of

Hoi An by Sunday evening. Trip mapDuring our time here in Hue Jerry has received a little make over and some fine tuning hopefully our breakdown count won’t rise too much this weekend. I’ll let you know how it went on Monday, cheers and happy weekend!


One response to “Does this count as being weekend warriors?

  1. OMG!!! You guys are truly out of control! Jerry looks like a “cool bike” according to JIm! Hang on for dear life and enjoy the ride! Thanks for posting. Just enough to give me a heart attack! Love you both!

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